The Dreams in the Witch House part 2

Evidence of sleep-walking, strange footsteps in the night, and an inexplicable pull toward a point in the sky all begin to haunt Walter Gilman in part 2 of The Dreams in The Witch House. He also learns that others, when looking up at the house from outside, have glimpsed the faint glow of the fearful “witch-light” shining from within Gilman’s window.

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The Dreams in the Witch House part 1

I have chosen next to read one of Lovecraft’s stories. If there is one that takes the “monster in your room” concept to uncomfortable levels of horror, it is The Dreams in the Witch House(1932). Though you hear your mind shouting “get out of that house, you fool!”, you likewise know that Walter Gilman is not listening. There is knowledge to be had, and the compulsion to find it is too strong to resist.

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